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Remembering the Freddy Adu Hype, circa 2005

Back in 2005, Freddie Adu was the face of US soccer for most casual MLS fans.  Though he’s yet to live up to the hype that surrounded him in 2004 when he signed with DC United, he’s definitely been showing promise lately.  He’s scored two goals in his last two games with his current club, Aris FC, which, once again, has US fans excited about his chances of making this summer’s World Cup quad.

His recent success had me thinking again of a piece I did with him back in the spring of 2005.  It was for a show I produced for MTV News called “Fake ID Club” that showcased pop culture’s best and brightest under the age of 21.  Because my bosses knew I was a die-hard footy fan, they, unbelievably, allowed me to showcase Freddy.

I traveled down to Maryland to catch his DC United practice and got to hang out with his mom and brother at his house.  It was a memorable day and I can definitely report first hand that the kid has some serious skills.

The funniest part of the experience was that Freddy had a crush on the show’s host, teen pop star JoJo.  When I told him that she would he intro-ing the piece, he asked if he could give her a personal message–on camera–that ended up making it in the piece.  A week later,  I caught up with JoJo in Brisbane, Australia to shoot her hostv wraps.  I read to her exactly what Freddy had said.  She was genuinely smitten and the next thing I knew they were, reportedly, dating.  Like, for the next couple of years!

I like to think I had something to do with that! [ha ha]  So in honor of Freddy Adu finally showing some overdue promise in Greece, here’s the piece I produced with him 5 years ago.

Freddy Adu–Who Are Ya?! from andrew millard on Vimeo.



If you’re tired of the soccer bashing, ESPN/Gene Wojciechowski point of view that Beckham playing in America is the dumbest thing since the XFL, then I offer you a refreshingly different angle from Real Sports Bryant Gumbel.

Needless to say, it put a smile on my face

(props to The Offsides Rules for putting it up)



The news of West Ham beating Manchester United and Sheffield United losing to Wigan on the final day of last year’s Premiership season didn’t go down so well within the Third Reich. Here’s a hilarious clip showing how Adolf Hitler reacted when his underlings briefed him on the disappointing match day results.


In honor of David Beckham’s arrival to Los Angeles, here’s a video of every free kick he’s put in the back of the net.



This was a pretty cool You Tube discovery…

Check out highlights of George Best’s testimonial match from August 8, 1988 at Windsor Park in Belfast–complete with original commentary and a post-game interview with the man of honor himself. He ended up scoring twice.

Plus, for all you gossip column readers, you can also see a very young Calum Best running along side his Dad when he’s introduced to the crowd. I know Lindsay Lohan is a big fan of The Clean Sheet, so this clip goes out to you!


This is pretty cool. I just wonder how many takes it took for him to nail it.

Also, a note to ad execs that plan on working with Man United’s new number 10 in the future:  Please don’t have Wayne get as close to the camera as he does in this clip. It’s frightening to small children.


It’s close to the end of the day so I thought a laugh was needed.  Here’s a great video of some of the more hilarious–and sometimes cruel–football moments of the past couple of years.