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As soon as the free kick was called, I knew it was going to happen.

There he was 27 minutes into the first half, David Beckham, in his first start with the Galaxy and wearing the captain armband, in perfect position to do what he does best. It was almost like he HAD to score in order to prove that all the hype of him coming to America was justified.

The whistle blew…he stepped into it…launched it over the DC United defensive wall…top corner.

It was a trademark Beckham goal and I couldn’t feel more happy for him. With everyone on his back about his injured ankle and his limited playing time, he showed everyone, with one masterful kick, that this “has-been” still had a a lot of game left in him.

Tonight, the LA Galaxy played their best game of the season–and by leaps and bounds. They dominated DC United 2-0 in front of their home crowd and are now through to the Super Liga finals.

It’s just amazing how Becks lifts the play of everyone around him.  Their defense was tighter, their possession was longer and, most importantly, the Galaxy players looked like they were actually enjoying themselves. You got the feeling that just by seeing David in the starting lineup, the team knew they couldn’t lose.

The second goal in the 47th minute was also a result of some Beckham magic. Former Galaxy captain Landon Donovan (thought I’m not sure if David is the permanent skipper) ran in front of a perfectly finessed Becks pass that allowed L.D. enough space to scamper in on a breakaway. If there was anyone that seems to really appreciate number 23’s presence, it’s Landon. He seemed to have a smile on his face all night long.

And if it wasn’t for an amazing, diving save in the second half by DC goaltender Troy Perkins, Becks would have had himself another free kick tally.

So, the million dollar question (literally) is what about the ankle? Becks did take a few knocks in his 63 minutes tonight, especially one in the beginning of the first half that appeared to hurt him, but he ran well and, obviously, had no problem striking the ball.

For now (fingers crossed) it looks like he’ll be in the starting lineup Saturday night, in front of 50 thousand people at Giant Stadium for his big NY debut against the Red Bulls.

UPDATE: The goal:

P.S. I call for an all out ban of any “Bend it Like Beckham” references when referring to Beckham scoring on free kicks. Please, US soccer commentators, can’t we be a tad more original??




Hello footie fans,

I’m back from some much needed R&R (soccer and internet free I might add) and there’s a lot to catch up on.


In what was pretty much a 90 minute promo for Beckham’s Saturday MLS debut against Chelsea–a match that, due to his ankle injury, he probably won’t play in, the MLS All Star game was a lot of fun to watch. They beat their Scottish opponents, Celtic, 2-0.

And then there was the big  interview Mr. Beckham gave to ESPN at halftime, where he basically told everyone that there wasn’t a chance in hell he was going to play on Saturday.

Wow.  Will we instead get a 19 camera look at Landon Donovan’s game?

The more I see David speak, the more I’m starting to believe that he’s hired someone to help him learn the important “keywords” that’ll endear himself to soccer indifferent America.

And what words makes middle American ears ring with joy, especially from a foreigner??

Why, complimenting U.S. patriotism, of course!! Nice one, David.

But when it comes to how we display it at soccer matches, well, we still have a little ways to go.

Here’s the clip:


If you’re tired of the soccer bashing, ESPN/Gene Wojciechowski point of view that Beckham playing in America is the dumbest thing since the XFL, then I offer you a refreshingly different angle from Real Sports Bryant Gumbel.

Needless to say, it put a smile on my face

(props to The Offsides Rules for putting it up)


In honor of David Beckham’s arrival to Los Angeles, here’s a video of every free kick he’s put in the back of the net.



Here’s Beck’s Sports Illustrated cover.

And here he is with Posh on the front of W magazine.


And what do you get inside? Why, it’s a glimpse at what the Beckhams look like when they get up in the morning. Looks like David had a long night.



Here’s an article from ESPN writer Gene Wojciechowski on David Beckham’s upcoming move to the LA Galaxy. In short, he doesn’t get it–but then what do you expect from a network that seemingly rates soccer on par with underground cock fighting?

Don’t get me wrong. I not saying Becks’ arrival here will put American soccer on the level with baseball, basketball or football. That’s not happening–and that’s OK.

But the fact is just as many kids in this country play soccer as Little League baseball. They stick with baseball (or other major U.S. sports) because they have players that they can look up to and aspire to become. The biggest impact David Beckham will have here is that kids will finally have a world class soccer player that they can watch in person, follow on a regular basis and, most imporatantly, model themselves after. He may not be the “greatest of all time” but he was good enough to have Real Madrid hire lawyers to help search for loopholes in his new LA Galaxy contract in order to keep him in Spain. They wouldn’t have done that with a player that was “past his prime”. If the U.S. can field a team that can pass and take free kicks as well as Becks in 5 or 10 years, then I like our chances to go deep in future World Cups.

Now, take a look at how ESPN feels about David coming here and let me know what you think.