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I really like Roy Keane. I’ve liked him so much as a player at Manchester United and now as manager of Sunderland that he has almost singlehandedly made me a fan of the team.

I don’t need to tell you why Keano’s the man but I found these comments he made yesterday about current players wives and girlfriends hilarious. Suffice to say, keep the ladies at home!

‘It’s important you bring the right players to the club. You can’t always be a Steve Bruce but you can be a character who comes in and gives 100% for the club. But I have to say I think the game is getting less and less characters. They are more motivated by lots of different things like money and London and living in shopping areas. Really you’re a footballer and when you’re retired you can live anywhere you want. But players are very much focused on where they are going to live and a lot of that is down to their partners who seem to be running their lives anyway. It concerns me really.’




It hasn’t been a good week for footballer’s feet.

It was announced today that Steven Gerrard has a hairline fracture in his right foot, though he still believes he’ll play this Sunday against Chelsea. He won’t, however, suit up for the England v. Germany friendly next Wednesday, according to manager, Rafael Benitez.

The injury occurred yesterday during Liverpool’s Champions League qualifier against Toulouse.

The news, of course, comes days after Wayne Rooney suffered a hairline fracture to his left foot against Reading, putting him out of action for the next two months.   Consequently, it’s also reignited the discussion of how well players are protected with the current line of football boots.

Regarding that subject,  Reuters UK published an interesting article today featuring Adidas Predator designer Craig Johnston, who believes that protection in today’s boots is sub-par at best.   “It’s only a matter of time before a player gets so seriously injured that he sues a major sportswear company”.  Check it out here.


Remember this mind blowing Euro ’08 qualification finish earlier this month between Denmark and Sweden? The Danes miraculously come back from a 3-0 deficit to tie the game but then, in the 89th minute, Danish midfielder Christian Poulsen inexplicably punches Swedish forward Marcus Rosenberg in the stomach. Poulsen is red carded and then a drunken Danish fan runs out onto the field and tries to knock out the referee! The match was immediately called off and Sweden were later awarded the three points.

Well, I was checking out one of my favorite footie blogs,, today and found that some enterprising Danish advertising company has already made a commercial based on what happened. This is pretty hilarious.


Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea boys have finally earned enough ‘coefficient points’ to become one of the top seeds in the upcoming season’s Champions League tournament.

Rankings are determined by breaking down a team’s record over the last five years. Some of us who may be suffering from short term memory loss might not remember that Chelsea, before 2003, had only qualified for the Champions League once in their history–hard to believe nowadays. So, despite The Blues having been one of the strongest sides in Europe over the past couple seasons, they’ve always faced difficult draws because they’ve no history of being good until recently.

Now that Chelsea are more favorably positioned in the tournament, it’ll be interesting to see what Senor Mourinho will complain about if his side aren’t through to the finals in May ’08.

Here’s how your 2007/’08 Champions League seed rankings go: This year’s champs AC Milan are number one followed by last year’s winners, Barcelona. Liverpool is third. Inter Milan is in the 5 slot and Arsenal, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United fill out the rest of the Top 8.

England, interestingly, is the only country to have all their qualifiers seeded.