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Hello footie fans,

I’m back from some much needed R&R (soccer and internet free I might add) and there’s a lot to catch up on.



Members of the Chilean U-20 team found themselves in a real donnybrook with Toronto police officers and stadium security last night following their 3-0 loss to Argentina.

One member of the Chilean side (they didn’t say whether he was a player or not) was even tasered, according to an AP report.

It was an ugly end to a to a game that very nearly spiraled out of control.  Two Chilean players were red carded and the match’s officials had to be escorted off the field to avoid Chile’s furious players and supporters.

Argentina will face the Czech Republic in the finals on Sunday.

Here are the game highlights:



What a heart breaking loss this was.

The Young Americans fell to the Young Austrians in the quarter finals of U-20 World Cup yesterday, 2-1.

It was a great match and a lot of credit has to go to the Austrians who played their best game of the tournament. Their tenacity led to the winning goal in the 105th minute when Erwin Hoffer, subbed in only 3 minutes prior, threw his legs behind a ball that was slowly trickling towards the American’s goal line. It wasn’t pretty but it ended up being the game winner.

Despite the early exit, the U.S. team has a lot to be proud of. Let’s not forget they beat Brazil in the group stage, 2-1.

And the upcoming talent looks incredibly promising. Freddy Adu, Jozy Altidore, and Michael Bradley can straight up play and deserve to be up with the senior team ASAP. Personally, I’m curious to see how the Adu/Atidore combo works with the big boys because it appears that they have some real chemistry together. Freddy’s cross that led to Jozy’s first goal was pure class. Altidore, as far as I’m concerned is the best American striker playing in the red, white and blue right now.

C’mon, Coach Bradley, put him in and let’s see what this kid can do!

Here are the highlights.



I’ve seen the future of U.S. Men’s soccer–and it will be led by Adu and Altidore.

The U.S. Men’s Under 20 team beat Brazil last night 2-1, in what was not only a huge victory for the team in their pursuit of a U-20 World Cup championship, but a monumental achievement for a soccer program that still seeks respect from the rest of the world.

American striker, Jozy Altidore, still only 17, is the truth. If you don’t know his name by now, his two goals against Brazil showed that he may be the “next big thing” in American soccer. Actually, we’ve never really had a “next big thing”, so consider him the first!

We’re also finally seeing the incredible talents of 18 year old Freddy Adu. It might be the world stage he’s playing on or that he knows that scouts for big European clubs are watching but all of a sudden he’s showing that he’s every bit the player that everyone was hyping him up to be. I mean, does this guy ever get tired? He was absolutely relentless on Brazil’s defense, playing in what seems to be his most natural position, central midfield.

The game winner in the 82nd minute was classic Adu. After making an incredible side move past a Samba defender, he connected with a rocket of a shot towards goal that riccocheted off a Brazilian players leg, landing right on the foot of a wide open Altidore. Big Jozy made no mistake with the opportunity. He confidently slipped it in the back of the net.

Now, I know we haven’t won anything yet but beating Brazil, at any level, is huge. Every country in the world looks at them as the best, so when you beat them, you’ve really accomplished something. Needless to say, with guys like Altidore, Adu and goaltender Chris Seitz, who was absolutely stellar–playing the last 15 minutes on an injured right leg–the U.S. Mens soccer team has A LOT to look forward to.

Check out the highlights of the game.



Is this the Freddy Adu we’ve all been waiting for?

The much hyped U.S. soccer prodigy, still only 18, finally put a game together that the entire world can take note of. Freddy scored a hat trick Tuesday against Poland in the Under-20 World Cup–and they weren’t cheapies either. Here are the highlights:

We all know what Freddy can do. He’s a talented kid that, unfortunately, sometimes loses his focus on the pitch. But how would you react if the world football media proclaimed you to be the ‘face of American socer’ since age 14? That was a lot of pressure on a guy that should have been a freshman in high school. Hell, if he was a child actor, he’d probably be sitting next to Lindsay Lohan in rehab right now.

Four years later, the US soccer veteran has matured considerably and is now captaining the Under-20 World Cup team this summer in Canada, who are 1-0-1 thus far. Of course, he still dreams of one day leaving the MLS and his last place Salt Lake City side to play for a big time European club–and if he continues to perform like he did against Poland, that goal is certain to happen. It’s simply up to Freddy now to use this international stage to prove to the world that he’s still the player everyone predicted him to be.